• Cougar Kensington Black/Charcoal Waterproof Boot


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    Always Waterproof

    To create a completely waterproof boot, the Kensington is made from injected rubber.

    First, a lightweight sock is placed over an aluminum last. Then, they are both inserted into a mold.

    The mold is sealed tight and injected with rubber. This creates a solid rubber upper with no seams – and no leaks!

    Finally, the elastic gore is treated with a coating that repels water.

    Kensington Chelsea Boot waterproof rubber

    Lightweight outsoles

    The soles are attached to the rubber upper by hand.

    To make them lighter than the average rain boot, we use ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) instead of rubber. EVA is similar to rubber, but a lot lighter!

    The soles are molded with a hiking boot style pattern for better traction and grip.

    Kensington Chelsea Boot lightweight outsole

    Memory Molded Insoles

    Cougar insoles are lightweight and removable.

    For extra comfort, they use dual density foam insoles.

    The top layer is a low density foam that is soft and flexible. It is molded to a tougher bottom layer that absorbs shocks and vibrations.

    They're pretty comfortable!

    Kensington Chelsea Boot comfortable foam insoles


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