• Cougar Swerve Camel Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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    Premium leather construction

    The Swerve is made from rugged European leather, with perforated suede trim around the collar.

    The leather is smooth and waxy, with a colour that improves with distress.

    They will crease nicely with wear, and develop a subtle patina as they break in.

    Swerve premium leather construction

    Always Waterproof

    Cougar constructs these hiker boots with a waterproof membrane underneath the leather to keep your feet dry.

    All the seams are sealed pressure-sensitive EVA tape and waterproof adhesives. The stitching around the shoe is made from a non-wicking material to prevent it from absorbing water.

    Each shoe is submerged in water above the sole and flexed thousands of times to make sure no water leaks through.

    Serve waterproof leather


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